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Current Scenario

Today Government of India, all the state governments and Urban Local Bodies are very cautious and attentive towards proper handling, recycling and disposal of waste in the country. Its a long time now when each and every government body is holistically working on strategies to make our society a zero waste society and to achieve this target the Government of India through its Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change has drafted Municipal Solid Waste (Handling and Management) Rules 2016, which guidelines as to how to handle municipal waste which forms the largest portion in terms of all kinds of waste generated.

Along with this Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change has drafted different other rules to handle different types of waste like “Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016”, “E-Waste Management Rules, 2016”, “Biomedical Waste Management Rules, 2016”, “Hazardous and Other Waste (Management and Transboundary) Rules, 2016)”, “The Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Management Rules, 2016”. These rules not only talk about ideal strategies to be adopted for handling different types of waste but also it mandates how each entity of waste can be reduced, recycled and dispose. These rules invite participation of private sector to work in partnership with the Urban Local bo Bodies, State Governments and Departments & PSUs managed by the Union Government.

Our Strategy

Today in our society the different Governments and Urban Local Bodies have created a ready framework for handling different types of waste under the guidance and supervision of Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change. Clean Geosphere Private Limited intends to work hand in hand with the different Urban Local Bodies, PSUs and various departments of Union/State Governments complying with all the rules drafted by the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change in handling and disposal of different types of wastes. The company intends to work with the Government Bodies to reduce emissions of Green House Gases (GHGs) by proper handling and disposable of various entities of wastes.

Also the company intends to work in full compliance with the rules laid by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and Central Pollution Control Board and earn valuable Carbon Credits awarded by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change by proper implementation of Clean Development Mechanism.

Building an infrastructure for waste collection.

The company intends to develop a system for collection of single entity waste generated from the point of origin. Several waste which are generated in bulk quantities can be used in a better and a unified way for energy recovery if it is stopped from mixing with the traditional solid waste. Like for example if coconut shells, sugarcane bagasse, groundnut shells & etc are collected from the point of their generation can be used for coir industry, making pellets and briquettes respectively.

Empowering the Ragpickers

The role of ragpickers is of great value and importance in segregation and recycling of waste. The ragpickers are majorly responsible for our success in recycling different kinds of wastes. The Government of India too acknowledges the fact and understands the value of their participation in handling wastes.

The Government of India has formulated several incentives and scheme for the upliftment and promotion of ragpickers. Also several state governments have identified ragpickers under the Unorganised Workers Category and runs various social sector scheme for their benefits. Also with this there are several health and maternity schemes in place for the ragpickers but due to lack of education, resources and knowledge majority of ragpickers are refrained from availing these benefits. Clean Geosphere Private Limited intends to work in partnership with each and every ragpicker. The company intends to plan strategies to recover maximum possible recyclable waste from our society. Also the company wants to ensure that these ragpickers are protected from any kind of exploitation and are rewarded with accurate value for their work.The company is open to work with ragpickers on different terms like monthly remuneration or work contract as and how it is viable and agreed amongst us. Clean Geosphere Private Limited accepting it’s social responsibility towards the ragpickers intends to help the ragpickers, free of cost to avail the benefits of all the operational health, insurance and social security schemes run by the government.

Also the company intends to connect the poor ragpickers with the banking facilities to ensure safety of their earnings. In furtherance the company intends to utilise it’s CSR funds towards the education of ragpicker’s children once the company comes under the Ambit of CSR.

Fire Safety & Health Measures

There have been several incidents of fire at dumping yards and in waste management units. Fire not only causes risk for life & property but also produces huge amount of smoke which adds to air pollution.

The company intends to comply with all the fire & safety norms mandated by the Municipal Corporation. Also the company wants to ensure adequate placemen to fire equipments at the work place. All the active waste generates green house gases during the process of their disposal in this situation all the workers & ragpickers working in the waste management are exposed to this health hazard. The company intends to provide safety gazettes for each and every worker, also the company is committed to conduct routine health check – up & offer free medicine for all its workers.