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Clean Geosphere Private Limited
91 Springboard Business Hub, Kagalwala House, Bandra Kurla Complex, CST Road, Kalina Mumbai - 400098

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Clean Geosphere is a private limited company incorporated under the sub section (2) of section 7 & sub section (1) of the company act 2013 (18 of 2013) and rule 18 of the companies (incorporation rules 2014) on 4th day of Dec. 2019 in Mumbai.


The company intends to carry on the business, whether within or outside India, of collection, segregation, transportation, trading, processing, composting, recycling, treatment and disposal of all types of waste (whether solid, liquid or gaseous substances) and including municipal solid waste, electronic waste (e waste), construction and demolition debris, bio-medical waste, hazardous waste, sewage, waste water etc undertake use, sale, marketing and/or distribution of all products and by- products that are generated in the process of treatment or disposal of waste and waste products (such as compost, energy and refuse derived fuel generated form waste to energy processes such as biomethanation etc methane gas from landfill, processing, electronic products suitable for re-use with or without re-furbishing paper, metals and other materials including chemicals obtained from treatment of wastes) and to develop, construct, operate and/or maintain/manage processing facilities for all types of waste and waste products including composting plants, landfills and sewages treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, incinerators, refuse derived field plants, electronic waste processing plants.

Also the company intends to promote own, acquire, construct, erect, maintain, improve, manage, operate, alter, carry on, control, take on lease, advise and render assistance in the construction erection and maintenance, improvement or working of any industry, company, venture and system or scheme in the area of collection, transportation, processing and disposal of municipal waste, electronic waste, bio medical waste, hazardous waste, sewage and waste water by processes such as composting, bio-methanation, aerobic/anaerobic treatment, waste to energy process including producing of refuse derived fuel and any other processes/technologies available and also take advantage of the benefits available under the Clean Development Mechanism.

Further the company intends to carry on the business of manufacturers, producers, importers, exporters, buyers, sellers, dealers, stockists, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and jobbers of solid fuel briquettes, pellets, cubes, charcoal fine and briquette activated carbon from agriculture, forest produce and compost from Municipal Solid Waste.

Mohammed Imran Ibrahim Khan

Chairman’s Message

Hello friends


It gives me immense pleasure to announce that we have formally incorporated a company which will be dedicated towards attending the most needed subject of waste management.


Global population is increasing everyday and with this the waste generated everyday also does increases, if we continue with our past practices of dumping this waste in landfill a day will come when all the landfills will be full and we may not be left with any alternate space to dump our waste and still we would continue to generate waste daily.It would be extremely and unfair to find a solution for our problem at a time when it is already too late, also we need to understand that the entity “waste” which is full of resources and opportunities. Also the practice of dumping our waste in landfill is very unfriendly towards the environment as it releases a lot of toxins which contaminate the soil and groundwater along with this landfill are responsible for generating green house gases like methane and carbon dioxide which are not only responsible for polluting the air which we breathe but are also responsible for climate change. If waste is handled professionally it can be a resource of energy and we can very well recycle most of the waste and leaving behind very minimal residue. Proper management of the waste will help us to generate energy, employment and wealth.

India is a large country with the population in excess of 1.3 billion and faces a challenge to manage waste produced by every individual in the country. With the challenge of managing waste of such a large population, there comes an opportunity to generate energy, employment and wealth from it. Clean Geosphere Private Limited is a Startup incorporated in Mumbai and intends to start it’s journey of managing waste from its home city Mumbai which is the world’s sixth most populous metropolitan city. Also Clean Geosphere Private Limited would like to extend its services in other cities of India and other countries.

Humbly looking forward for your support, wishes and blessings for our mission which will benefit each person on the planet.


Mohd. Imran Khan
Chairman & Managing Director

“Looking at the growing quantities of waste generated in the Mumbai city, the company wishes to start its services from its home city, Mumbai….”

Sufiya Imran Khan

“The role of ragpickers is of great value in waste management. We must work together to get them proper health, insurance & safety at their work place…”

Pramod Nair
Team Member

“Along with advancement in all other technologies there is great deal of advancement in waste management techniques too, we should be open to accept the best technologies…”

Mohd. Izhar Khan
Team Member

“After the recovery of degradables for composting and non – degrabables for recycling a lot of residue is left, we must work to use it as alternate fuel…”